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Kühlewind Conference Budapest


17-19 MAY 2024, BUDAPEST

„The intuition that something new is necessary for the future of humanity and that it must come about is already the beginning of realization. The most important task is the transmission of intuition… One must work to realize it… The new age would be when we pass from taking to giving.“
Georg Kühlewind: Becoming aware of the Logos

„You should not expect from your thinking that it can give you cognitions of the truth, but you should initially only expect from your thinking that it educates you.“
Rudolf Steiner: The world of the senses and the world of the spirit


Where is the world going? What is happening in heaven and on earth? What is happening inside us? How can we recognize this, and what should we do? What can we contribute to the future in the sign of the Logos? We want to deal with these and similar questions at the conference.

First, sketchy announcement

At Pentecost 2024 (May 17-19, 2024), a Kühlewind conference will take place in Budapest under the name “New Ways” in the organization of the Georg Kühlewind Foundation. The meeting will be held bilingually (Hungarian and German); if required, there will also be English translations. In addition to 5-6 invited plenary lectures, we offer eight parallel exercise groups. We invite exercise leaders who have led exercise groups for a long time in the spirit of Georg Kühlewind. There will be an artistic performance on Saturday evening.

The „Fácános“ school (Zugligeti út 113, 1121 Budapest) will be the conference venue. The conference organizers will provide catering – at least in part. The participants will organize travel and accommodation; however, the conference organizers will publish recommendations for nearby housing and other helpful information. The conference fees will be set so that they cover costs. We are not striving for financial gain.

We recommend extending your stay in Budapest by a few days. Budapest is a hidden treasure in the middle of Europe, and the organizers are keen to help people get to know it.

On behalf of the conference organization
Laszlo Böszörmenyi, Anna Székely, András Pál, Annegret Holland

Conference location:

Zugligeti Iskola (Fácános Iskola)

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